This Under Armour Curry One Ad Features Steph and...Jamie Foxx?
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This Under Armour Curry One Ad Features Steph and…Jamie Foxx? (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, February 13, 2015

under armour curry one

You probably don’t know what Under Armour Curry One is. That’s sort of why the apparel company made the ad. So you’d learn. And one way to get more people to pay attention to an ad (as if Steph Curry wasn’t enough) is to sprinkle in a little Jamie Foxx.

That’s right. The poor man’s Ray Charles shows up to remind everyone that if you’re gonna try to break into the shoe game against Nike and Adidas, you’re gonna need a little force behind ya.

Oh, the Under Armour Curry One is a shoe, btw.

Here’s the video, which is pretty reminiscent of older Nike ads, which is never a bad thing:

I don’t think that these shoes will help you hit the three-ball any better, but they could keep you from shattering your ankle, which will help your game in the long run.