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People Still Don’t Recognize Super Bowl Hero Malcolm Butler (Video)

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, February 18, 2015

malcolm butler

New England Patriots rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler was the hero of Super Bowl XLIX. His incredible interception of that Russell Wilson pass on the goal line—the first interception of his career—ended the Seahawks’ bid for back-to-back championships and sealed the Patriots fourth title since the turn of the millennium.

Before that one play, nobody knew the guy’s name. Afterward, everybody knew it.

Of course, knowing a name and knowing a face are two different things. And while everybody now knows the latter, few people, if any, know the former.

Butler himself made this painfully clear by hitting the streets for NFL Total Access, wearing an NFL Network shirt, pretending to be a reporter, and asking random strangers what they thought about the Patriots, Malcolm Butler, and his Super Bowl-winning interception. Not one of them had any clue who he was.

Take a look:

My favorite is the tiny woman in the sunglasses. Fan “since the beginning,” huh? LOLz.