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Steve Francis Gets His Gold Chain Ripped Off at a Houston Rap Show (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Steve Francis gold chain ripped off

Retirement hasn’t gone very well for Steve Francis. I mean, it’s possible that in his private time he’s gardening, going on dates to wine bars, and having picnics, but his public life is a total, total mess.

Just in the past year or so, Steve Francis has been filmed getting choked at a nightclub, pouring booze on himself while he’s blackout drunk at a nightclub, and now, there’s footage of him getting dragged by his neck as someone tries to steal his chain at a rap show in some nightclub.

Here’s the video. Maybe this guy should stay out of nightclubs for a minute. I mean there’s bars, pubs, gastropubs, cantinas, beer halls, and ultra-lounges…

Oh, man. That’s not very dignified. All he wanted to do was go see a show by Houston’s very own Sauce Twinz. Anyone who’s looking for this footage to buck the stereotype of disorganized, violent rap shows is going to be disappointed. TMZ stated that while it doesn’t show it, the necklace was eventually ripped off by an unknown suspect.

Similarly, some might take issue with TMZ referring to Steve Francis as a legend. That’s probably bumping him about two rungs up the NBA ladder. I think everyone can agree that he was just a “good NBA player.”