Erik Spolestra and His Hot Wife Sang “Billy Jean” For Charity (Video)

Erik Spolestra

Man, that’s a weird headline. But it’s not wrong. Well, it was the first time, because I thought Billy Jean was Billy Joel, and there’s nothing funnier than singing Billy Joel for charity. But Billy Jean is pretty funny, too.

Erik Spolestra, coach of the Miami Heat, took the stage with his very hot wife, Nikki Sapp, to sing Michael Jackson for charity. How does singing Michael Jackson count as charity, you might ask?

Well, it does when it’s Shane Battier‘s karaoke fundraiser, known to the world as “Battioke.” That’s a pretty labored portmanteau right there, but it’s for charity, so we won’t be too hard on Battier or his weird branding.

Here’s the video of Erik Spolestra acting like the “cool” coach. And his wife acting like the “hot” wife:

Not the greatest performance, or even a good one. I think Phil Jackson could do it better, but I think the performer we all really want to see is Gregg Popovich.

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