Check Out Prince Rocking an Afro in His Jr HIgh Basketball Team Photo
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Check Out Prince Rocking a Huge Afro in His Junior High Basketball Team Photo

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, March 4, 2015


So this is interesting. It turns out that Prince—the 5’2″ androgynous pop, rock, and R&B legend famous for wearing frilly pirate shirts with purple suits—was a huge jock when he was a kid. And he didn’t just play sports. He was apparently really good. The guy played football, basketball, and baseball at Bryant Junior High in Minneapolis, and as a freshman at Central High he made the junior varsity basketball team.

That’s him in the photo above, rocking a giant afro in his junior high team photo.

Now, on the one hand, this should’t be that big of a surprise. Prince has been spotted at numerous sporting events over the years. He’s at almost every Vikings home game, for example, and last summer he and his regal scepter took in a Rafael Nadal match at the French Open.

Still, it’s one thing to “like sports” and another thing to be a jock who hangs out with other jocks. And according to an old Minneapolis Star Tribune article recently brought to our attention by reporter Libor Jany (via Deadspin), Prince was a jock who hung out primarily with other jocks—not band geeks—in high school.

The lesson? Never judge a book by its cover. Even if its cover is made of purple velvet.