NFL Com-Bine: AOL Creates Face Mashup With NFL Stars (Pics)

NFL Com-Bine - AOL Face Mashup Peytom Branning

The NFL Combine may be over, but AOL is still having some fun with it.  Although, their version of the combine is no regular week-long showcase for NFL rookies.

You see, AOL recently put a spin on things, creating their own interpretation of the NFL Com-Bine, which mashes the faces of NFL stars together to create some pretty creepy portraits.

Here’s a look at Peytom Branning (which is obviously a mashup of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady):

Here’s Rohnny Mankowski (Rob Gronkowski and Johnny Manziel):

There’s also Roy Shermalu (Richard Sherman and Troy Polamalu):

And finally, the most impressive of the bunch, ODB (Odell Beckham Jr. and Wu-Tang Clan’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard):

Hat Tip – [AOL]


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