Little Guy Lands One Punch Knockout on Behemoth Dude in Fight (Video)

one punch knockout

You want context? We don’t have context. What we have is a video, refreshingly free of any backstory. There’s a big guy, there’s a little guy. They’re likely European, judging by the goofy clothes. And they both seem to be somewhat adept at sparring.

However, the little guy lays out a one punch knockout on the big guy with what I’m going to call an uppercut. Technically, all the little guy’s punches would be uppercuts or body blows. So this punch was an uppercut.

How likely is it that this was staged? 60% chance is my guess. They don’t seem mad at each other, and the little dude pulls a Steph Curry after the one punch knockout, walking away before the guy evenĀ hits the ground.

Here’s the clip:

Moral of the story? Use your words to resolve conflicts, otherwise you’ll get laid out by a tiny guy and get a video of it posted on something called

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