Iranian Soccer Exec Dishes Out a Nutshot to an Unlucky Reporter (Video)

Iranian soccer

DOES ANYONE SPEAK FARSI? I ask because I need to know what this reporter asked that upset Chairman Bahram Afsharzade, head of Iranian powerhouse Esteghlal. The Iranian soccer exec was in the middle of giving a calm interview when he ended with a nonchalant nutshot to a reporter, who let out an audible moan/groan. Because that type of thing hurts. 

Everything appears to be going fine, until it doesn’t.

Take a look:

This Iranian soccer chairman looks like the type of guy that would hit you in the balls, then walk away. Actually, he looks like the type of guy who would have his henchmen kick the crap out of you while he rolls up the window in his Bentley and drives away.

If you think that nuclear sanctions against this country will be effective, think again. If we take away their nuclear program, they’re just going to send this guy over to hit us in the balls. And that’s worse because it’s painful AND undignified.

Hat Tip – [101GreatGoals]

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