Kenny Smith Got a Mobility Scooter for His Bday, Which Shaq Stole (Video)

Kenny Smith

What do you get for the NBA analyst who has everything? If it’s their 50th birthday approaching, and you’re on the air, you definitely get them a mobility scooter (a “Rascal,” if you’re with it) to call them out on being so damn old. And if you’re Shaq, you steal the mobility scooter that Kenny Smith was gifted and ride it around the studio for Inside the NBA on TNT.

At first, I was wondering if Shaq was too heavy to ride one of those scooters. Then I remember the type of people that ride around on those scooters and thought, “No. He definitely isn’t.” People weighing twice as much as Shaq ride those things.

Here’s a video of the Grand Theft Rascal in action:

Shaq’s looking like Tio Salamanca from Breaking Bad riding this thing around. And who can blame him? Nobody does birthday parties like Shaq (who also had his birthday celebrated last night on the show).

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