PK Subban GoPro Cam Shows What It’s Like to Be a Norris Trophy-Winning Defenseman (Video)

pk subban gopro cam

PK Subban is good at hockey. That’s why the NHL gave him a Norris Trophy in 2013. It’s why the Montreal Canadiens gave him an eight-year, $72-million contract extension. And it’s why GoPro got him to strap on one of their fancy action sports cameras to make a little promotional video—which is what this post is actually about.

The video is a little dizzying at times, as GoPro videos tend to be. But it does provide a pretty fascinating look at a superstar hockey player that you wouldn’t really get any other way. You see him skate, stick handle, shoot, and—best of all—deliver a sweet (albeit totally staged) hip check.

Take a look:

Pretty awesome, right? This year certain hockey broadcasts in Canada feature a referee helmet cam. But this PK Subban GoPro cam makes me want cameras on every athlete, too.

One day, I’m sure it’ll happen.

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