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Georgetown and Seton Hall Honor Sidelined Hoya Tyler Adams (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tyler Adams

The college basketball regular season is all but over, and with it go many careers of graduating players. In the case of Georgetown‘s Tyler Adams, the closing moments of his career provided some validation for what he’s been through since enrolling.

Just four games into his freshman year, Tyler Adams was sidelined with a heart condition that kept him from playing again. However, Georgetown was able to keep him on the roster (as a de facto assistant coach) thanks to a medical waiver.

That time spent on the sidelines was recognized in the opening minutes of the Georgetown-Seton Hall game on Saturday, in which Adams stepped into the starting lineup and Seton Hall allowed him to score.

Here’s the clip:

Nice move by Georgetown, but allowing him to score seems a little bit more like pandering than a sign of respect. But the gesture was made for the right reasons, so I’ll avoid being too critical of the minds that thought this scenario up.

Congrats on four years, Tyler, and we hope that you’re able to continue a career in basketball one way or another.