Jameis Winston Shuts Down His Twitter Account Prior to the NFL Draft

Jameis Winston

In a surprise and out-of-character move this weekend (because it shows accountability), Jameis Winston deactivated his Twitter account prior to the NFL draft. By all accounts, this wasn’t precipitated by scandal or anything like that. Rather, it was a preemptive move by Jameis Winston in an effort to minimize the amount of dumb sh*t he does to drop his draft stock. Right now, he’s projected at #1, but character issues make that a pretty tenuous position for the FSU Heisman winner.

Winston, in the past year or so, has been arrested for stealing crab legs, investigated for rape, melted down on the field of the college football playoffs, and screamed “F*ck her right in the p*ssy” during a telecast.

What I’m getting at is…some time out of the spotlight probably won’t hurt him.

If you’re craving interaction with Winston via social media, you’re a weirdo, but you can still hit up his Instagram page, where he’ll presumably take pictures of all the dumb stuff he does rather than just talk about it.

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