Reggie Miller Discusses Trash Talking Michal Jordan on ‘Kimmel’ (Video)

Reggie Miller

In the age of social media and the Internet, beefs and trash talk between two players seems to have left the court and infiltrated every other arena. But there was a time, the era of Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller, the league’s most notorious trash talkers, that trash talk on the court wasn’t just a facet of the game, but a big part of their identities.

However, Reggie Miller wasn’t always the trash talker he was known to be, nor was he always the standout superstar that we knew him to be. Once, he was a rookie, stepping up to an older, more experienced Michael Jordan in an exhibition game.

That’s the story he recounts to Jimmy Kimmel. That’s the story below. So I’m not gonna ruin it. See it for yourself:

Somewhat predictably, antagonizing the uber-competitive Michael Jordan didn’t work out very well for Reggie Miller. So very odd.

Maybe a nicely-written note next time, Reggie.

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