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Draymond Green Comes Up with Perfect Response to Dantay Jones Post-Game Bump (Videos)

by: Esteban On  Monday, March 9, 2015

draymond green dantay jones post-game bump

Draymond Green had a big game on Sunday, leading the Warriors with 23 points and six assists in their big 106-98 win over the rival Clippers. So after the game, he was tabbed for the on-court post-game interview. And any time you are the star of a game that also featured Stephen Curry—who does stuff like this—it’s pretty special.

Unfortunately for Green, the Clippers’ Dantay Jones tried to steal the spotlight.

Check out the Dantay Jones post-game bump heard ’round the world:

That little bump was intentional and unnecessary, and you can tell from the death stare that Draymond Green did not appreciate it. However, he didn’t lose his head and go after Jones the way Jones probably wanted. Instead, he saved his revenge for the post-post-game interview.

Reporters caught up with Green after he hit the showers and asked him about the Dantay Jones post-game bump. And after having a little time to think about it, Green had come up with the perfect retaliatory burn.

Take a look:

Epic, Draymond Green. Epic.

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