KC Minor League Affiliate Offers a Krispy Kreme Hot Dog…Disgusting (Pic)

Krispy Kreme hot dog

Undoubtedly, this post will raise more questions than it answers.

Upon learning that the Royals minor league affiliate Wilmington BlueRocks are offering a Krispy Kreme hot dog, you may ask yourself things like “Does Krispy Kreme really make these buns just for the ball park?” or “How much does it cost?” or “Why do people hate themselves so much?”

We don’t have all the answers. I’m sorry. We can only report what we know, which is that the hot dog is also covered in a raspberry jam. And that it doesn’t really have a name yet, but there’s a contest for fans to name it. I would suggest, “The White Flag of Life,” or, more artistically, “The Agony and the Anguish.” However, if you want to be informative, then I think Krispy Kreme hot dog is a fine name all by itself.

Here’s an official proclamation of one more step towards the downfall of man:

It may not be great for you, but hey, at least it looks like sh*t.

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