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by: Esteban On  Thursday, March 12, 2015

glen davis snot rockets

Anyone watching the Clippers-Thunder game last night on ESPN saw something they really did not want to see—namely, a couple of truly nasty Glen Davis snot rockets.

With about five minutes remaining in the first quarter, the producers cut to a nice closeup shot of OKC’s Russell Westbrook while the announcers gushed about how ridiculously hot he’s been lately. However, while they were talking, the Clippers’ forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis walked right in front of Westbrook, effectively videobombing the guy by firing off a couple of mucus missiles.

Here it is at full speed:

And here it is in slow-motion:

Of course, while it’s always kind of disgusting, sometimes it is acceptable for an athlete to blow snot straight out of their nostriles—in outdoor sports. In basketball? No, not acceptable. You’re either going to be wiping that snot all over your uniform, or it’s going on the floor where someone will slip on it.

Next time, somebody on the Clippers bench get Big Baby a tissue.

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