The 15 Greatest NBA Face Masks of All Time

nba face masks

Did you ever wonder who invented those freaky NBA face masks players where after they’ve broken a nose or an ortibal bone? Well, turns out it was an orthotist by the name of Gerald McHale. When Pistons star Bill Lambeer had his cheekbone shattered in 1990, the team asked McHale if he could come up with a protective mask that was less cumbersome than a hockey goalie mask. So he adapted custom molded masks traditionally used to treat burns, and the rest is history.

So why do I bring all this up? Because today we’re going to look at the greatest NBA face masks of all time. And while they’re not all the work of Gerald McHale (no relation to Kevin, btw), his finger prints are all over this crucial-but-ridiculous looking piece of equipment.

Take a look.



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