John Madden Rips Will Ferrell Spring Training Shenanigans, Reminding Us He’s Really Old

will ferrell spring training

Last Thursday, Will Ferrell appeared in five MLB spring training games in Arizona, playing every position on the field for 10 difference teams.

It was just the latest sports-related publicity stunt by Ferrell. He does stuff like this pretty much every time one of his movies is about to come out. This time he even raised $1 million for cancer research in the process. So it wasn’t just a public relations win-win, but a win-win-win. Ferrell promoted Get Hard. MLB got the people to pay attention to meaningless spring training games for five minutes. And cancer charities got a lot of money.

Unfortunately, legendary NFL coach and commentator John Madden wasn’t amused. For some reason, somebody at KCBS in San Francisco asked Madden what he thought about the stunt, and Madden did not hesitate to remind us all that he is really old and curmudgeonly.

“I hate it,” he exclaimed, presumably while standing on his front lawn in his bath robe, squirting neighborhood kids with his garden hose. “That’s a lack of respect. That’s a lack of respect for the game and a [lack of] respect for what players have to do to get where they are.”

Madden then went on to tell a really interesting story about former Golden State Warrior Rick Barry, and how one time he was going to suit up and take part in a Raiders practice, but then he didn’t.

The lesson here? Everybody stop asking John Madden what he thinks about stuff.

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