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Wayne Rooney Knockout Celebration Inspired by Sensational Story in Sunday Sun

by: Esteban On  Monday, March 16, 2015

wayne rooney knockout celebration

If you happened to see the Manchester United-Tottenham game on Sunday, you might have been a little confused when you saw that Wayne Rooney knockout goal celebration.

It’s no secret that the English soccer superstar fancies boxing, but pretending to box and get knocked out was a little out-of-the-blue.

However, if you’d seen Sunday’s edition of The Sun, it would have made perfect sense.

wayne rooney knocked out

According to the tabloid’s giant front-page story, Wayne Rooney and former Manchester United teammate Phil Bardsley were fooling around, boxing in the kitchen of Rooney’s Cheshire mansion on February 22, when a left jab from Bardsley caught Rooney square in the face and knocked him out.

Check out the video obtained by The Sun:

Obviously, soccer fans in England went apeshit, and every other tabloid rushed to put their own spin on it.

Rooney didn’t have anything official to say about it. But it was clear from the aforementioned goal celebration that he was quite amused by it all:

And hey, who wouldn’t be amused if a London tabloid got their hands on a funny home video and fabricated a controversy.

That’s right. I’m not buying any of this. And not just because I’d expect a former amateur boxer like Wayne Rooney to be able to withstand a measly little jab.

There’s also this tweet from Bardsley’s wife:


Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]