Unreal Dwyane Wade Pass Was the Highlight of Miami’s Big Win Over Cleveland (Video)

Dwyane Wade pass

We don’t usually do posts about passes that don’t lead to points being scored, because we generally assume a pass that doesn’t lead to points being scored couldn’t have been that good.

The Dwyane Wade pass from Monday night’s Heat-Cavs game in Miami is an exception, though. It was absolutely unreal, and if not for a tremendous defensive play it would have resulted in points being scored.

With Miami up by a whopping 22 points midway through the third quarter, Cleveland center Tristan Thompson got to a loose ball in his offensive zone and tried to pass the ball back to LeBron James just in front of the center-court line. However, the pass didn’t get anywhere near LeBron. Instead it was tipped by Dwyane Wade, who then tracked the ball down as it was about to go out of bounds and fired a ridiculous behind-the-back bounce pass to a streaking Goran Dragic.

It would have resulted in an easy two points if not for a fantastic defensive play by J.R. Smith. Take a look:

That’s not just the pass of the 2014-15 NBA season. That’s one of the best plays, period. And it was part of an all-around great night for D-Wade, who recorded 32 points, 5 steals, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, and one almost-assist.

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