Dayton's Dyshawn Pierre Loses Pants After Rebound (Video)
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Dayton’s Dyshawn Pierre Loses Pants After Rebound (Video)

by: JamieD On  Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dyshawn Pierre Loses Pants - Dayton vs. Boise State

Dyshawn Pierre‘s team came away with a 56-55 victory over Boise State at the NCAA Tournament on Wednesday, but the Dayton forward also suffered an embarrassing loss on the evening.

We’re obviously referring to the incident that occurred with just under five minutes remaining in the second half of the Flyers’ first-round match-up, when Dyshawn Pierre lost his pants following a defensive rebound.

Check it out:

Even the Boise State cheerleaders were able to get a good look at Pierre’s underpants.

The looks on their faces says it all:

The Flyers don’t play again until Friday, so Dyshawn Pierre should have enough time to either gain some weight or get some proper fitting shorts before then.