Patrik Nemeth Gets Puck Wedged Between His Visor and Face (Video)

Patrik Nemeth

I think we can safely file this play under “Close Calls.” The StarsPatrik Nemeth was minding his own business, as hockey players so often do, when he lifted his head up to find that a simple dump-in from a Calgary player had turned him into a pirate. Not an actual pirate, but the puck got wedged in between his visor and face so that it looked like he had a pretty nifty eye patch.

Fortunately, Patrik Nemeth wasn’t hurt, though it’s hard to imagine a closer call than this right here. And it’s a pretty good argument for those wire face masks that cover, you know, your whole face. In addition to the risk, the above picture is not a very good look for a pro athlete. That’s some Pee-Wee level stuff right there.

Here’s the clip:

I guess it’s better the puck ends up there rather than in the goal, but I think Patrik Nemeth would have just preferred that the shot slid into the corner or something.

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