This Vince Neil National Anthem Went as Well As You'd Expect
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This Vince Neil National Anthem Went as Well As You’d Expect (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Vince Neil National Anthem

You have to know what you’re signing yourself up for when you request a Vince Neil National Anthem rendition. However, seeing as how Vince Neil is a partial owner of the brand new Las Vegas Outlaws franchise, he probably inserted himself into this position. In any event, the Motley Crue vocalist has enough trouble singing his own songs these days, so it’s no surprise that he mangled the National Anthem.

It’s easy to make excuses like, “Oh, he was messed up on booze and drugs,” but it’s equally likely in my opinion that a lifetime of booze and drugs has made his brain pretty mushy all the time now. How else can you explain some of those hurried, slurred lines? Or the two cheerleaders escorting him out to sing?

A Vince Neil National Anthem isn’t like a regular national anthem, but it’s probably the Anthem that an arena football team in Las Vegas deserves.

Take a look, and don’t hurt yourself cringing:

Hat Tip – [Loudwire]