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Golf Digest Put a Topless Lexi Thompson on Its Cover (Pic)

by: Penn Collins On  Saturday, April 4, 2015
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lexi thompson

Over the past couple years, Golf Digest has given itself a reputation as a magazine that would rather put up a cover with a hot girl who’s not really related to the game than an actual qualified female golfer. This most recently came to a head with Paulina Gretzky’s cover appearance a few months back.

Now, the uproar is likely to swell up again as Lexi Thompson appears on the Golf Digest cover wearing nothing more than a towel. To the magazine’s credit, at least Lexi Thompson is a pro golfer with a resume. I mean, she’s ranked around #10, so it’s not like she’s the BEST female golfer, but she is likely the best-looking one in just a towel.

Here’s a full-size pic:


I love it when magazines take the “fitness” approach to show naked athletes. I guess they can’t say they’re taking the “We wanna sell lots of magazines” approach. But it did get us this, so let’s not knock it.