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Johnny Manziel Front Row at Texas Rangers Game With Smokeshow (Pics)

by: JamieD On  Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Johnny Manziel Front Row at Rangers Game 1

Fresh out of rehab, Johnny Manziel wasted little time getting back in the pubic spotlight.

The Browns quarterback was the center of attention at the Ballpark in Arlington tonight, where he was seated in the front row watching the Texas Rangers take on the Los Angeles Angels.  And accompanying Johnny Football in his luxury seats was chairman of the Rangers ownership committee Neil Leibman, and Manziel’s lovely lady friend—who I’m assuming is his most recent girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, but I can’t confirm that with 100-percent certainty.

Here are a few more images of Johnny Manziel front row at the Ballpark in Arlington, enjoying the ballgame with a smokeshow: