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Bounce Pass Self-Alley-Oop Is The Craziest Thing You’ll Watch This Week (Video)

by: JamieD On  Thursday, April 16, 2015

Angelo Sharpless Bounce Pass Self-Alley-Oop

If you have time to watch just one seven-second video all week, make it this one, which shows former Harlem Globetrotter Angelo Sharpless throwing down the most ridiculous self-alley-oop you will ever see.

What is it about Sharpless’ self-alley-oop that makes it better than all of the others that have come before it? It’s the pass to himself, which isn’t just your average lob into the air or off the backboard. It’s a bounce pass, which made its way over a defender before meeting Sharpless above the rim.

My words don’t it justice. Just watch:

Hat Tip – [Hoopmixtape]

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