Marcus Mariota Gets Constructed out of Subway Sandwiches
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Marcus Mariota Gets Constructed out of Subway Sandwiches (Pic)

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Marcus Mariota

Yum! If you’re wondering who the frontrunner is for the NFL’s first-overall draft pick in a few weeks, I would have to say it’s Marcus Mariota. I mean, Jameis Winston, in spite of his personal and character issues, seems to have every demonstrable advantage, but that was before we saw Marcus stand over a sculpture of himself made entirely out of Subway sandwich materials, as is draft tradition.


I don’t know.

But ESPN’s sports business reporter has the HOT SCOOP with this FIRST LOOK (!) at the disturbing pile of foodstuffs. Nice job, Darren!

Many questions:

Why are the ears bleeding on Subway Sandwich Marcus Mariota?

Can Marcus Mariota make this pile of food his stand-in for the upcoming draft in New York?

If aggravated, will the Subway Sandwich Marcus Mariota come to life like a golem in Jewish lore?

Will Mariota eat himself?

And may I watch?