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Auburn Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl Puts on a Wig, Sings Taylor Swift (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bruce Pearl sings Taylor Swift

It’s harder and harder for coaches to perpetuate the stereotype that they’re hardasses with the advent of social media. Take, in this instance, Bruce Pearl, head coach of the Auburn Men’s basketball team. He went up against soccer coach Karen Hoppa in a lip sync battle at the Auburn athletic awards.

I guess you STILL can’t get SEC football coaches to poke fun at themselves, but at least the other sports are in on the fun.

Hoppa tackled “Livin’ on a Prayer,” a good, safe bet, but Pearl stole the show by pulling out a blonde wig and rocking the Taylor Swift break-up anthem, “We Are Never Getting Back Together.”

Check it out:

I guess it’s funnier if you play ball for these guys, but it’s still entertaining to see them go all-out like this. This has to be part of next year’s recruiting video, right?

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]