Manny Pacquiao Will Pay Suge Knight’s $10-Million Bail (Video)

Floyd Mayweather post Suge Knight bail

If you thought Manny Pacquiao spent a lot of money on his entourage, wait until you see what Floyd Mayweather Jr. is doing for a member of his.

According to reports (and the video at the bottom of this page), Mayweather intends to put up the $10-million required to bail Suge Knight out of jail. Knight is currently being held on charges of murder and attempted murder after he was involved in a horrific hit-and-run incident that left Terry Carter dead (it was captured on video).

Here’s Knights’ lawyer, Matthew Fletcher, telling a reporter how he intends to defend his client’s innocence and how they believe Mayweather will be helping Suge post bail following his fight Saturday night against Pacquiao (via New York Daily News):

Ten million dollars is quite a bit of cash to spend on a murderer’s freedom (at least for a few months), but seeing as how Mayweather is a fellow criminal himself, he’s already worth an estimated $280-million, and he is set to make another $120-million following the Pacquiao fight, seeing him spend $10-mill on Suge’s bail wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Hat Tip – [Complex]

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