Bucks’ Greek Freak Gets a Flagrant 2 For Spearing Mike Dunleavy (Video)

Greek Freak

One of the 2014-15 success stories, the Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo (thank God for copy and paste), better known to poor typists as the “Greek Freak,” ended his season on a decidedly down note after getting the boot during a game 6 blowout against the Chicago Bulls.

(Note that the face of the victim, Mike Dunleavy, wasn’t blurred out to protect the innocent. That’s just how the screenshot came out.)

Any defense of his action is pretty hard to come by, as the small forward simply and intentionally body-checked Mike Dunleavy as he caught up with him while the Bulls’ player was putting up a three-pointer. Chalk it up to youth, I guess.

Here’s the clip. It says a lot more than words can.

While any thought of what was going through a player’s mind during a move like this is obviously speculative, it appears that Giannis had just had enough, and took the frustration of an imminently-ending playoff run and turned it into a violent display. Most of his proponents, of which there are many, chalk it up to being young and petulant, so we can hope that this was just a one-off issue, and isn’t indicative of a mean streak in the youngster.

His season is over, as is the season of every Bucks player, while the Bulls move forward. Fortunately, Dunleavy wasn’t hurt during the lashing-out, so he’ll be good-to-go when his team takes on the Cleveland Cavaliers in round two.

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