Hey! Jameis Winston Had Crab Legs at His Draft Party! (Pics)

Jameis Winston Draft Party

Jameis Winston was able to brush all his character issues to the side as he got scooped up in the #1 spot by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during last night’s NFL draft. It wasn’t expected to be much of a contest, but it must still be a relief for the QB to learn that his countless petty incidents (and a more notable large one) didn’t catch up with him at the 11th hour.

HOWEVER, we’re here to talk about shellfish. And red carpets.

Winston, in the face of immaturity issues, didn’t attend the draft, but it appears that wasn’t going to stop him from having an over-the-top draft party, complete with an RV, a red carpet, and the very food that came synonymous with his name, crab legs. Last year, Jameis Winston was arrested for stealing crab legs from a local grocery store. It got some coverage at the time, then again when he was confronted about it leading up to the combine.

Winston posted this photo with him eating crab legs at his party (which you can see at the top of this page) on his Instagram account, but it has since been deleted.  Luckily, we saved it before it was gone. Check it out:

Jameis Winston

And there’s also this image of the red carpet set up outside Winston’s house during his draft party:

Does his photo with the crab legs demonstrate an inability to recognize the gravity of his trespasses, or a removed maturity and sense of humor about the past? The look on the background girl’s face probably answers that question for most of us. And what’s with that ring? And the watch? Dude. At least wait until the contract is signed!


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