Mike Trout Saves the Angels with a Killer Final-Out Catch (Video)

Mike Trout

Sure, Mike Trout‘s name pops up a lot in highlight reels. Perhaps too much for the anti-L.A. crowd. But it’s hard to argue that he doesn’t earn those appearances.

Here, Mike Troute makes a very good (but not quite great) catch in centerfield that manages to be hugely important as it preserved¬†the Angels’ 6-5 lead over Oakland on the final out of the game. It has to be mentioned that the A’s had the bases loaded at this point, so anything other than a catch¬†wouldn’t have just meant a run, but a loss as well.

Sure, it may not be as glamorous as a walk-off grand slam, but it’s about as big a play as can be hoped for on the final out of a game with the lead on the line.

Take a look:

Yup. That’s some good baseball.



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