Nice Guy Russell Wilson Upgrades Soldier to First Class (Tweets)

russell wilson upgrades soldier to first class

Damnit Russell Wilson, how the hell am I supposed to hate the effing Seahawks when you’re going around being a totally awesome dude?

On Thursday, Wilson was on an Alaska Airlines flight bound for Seattle, and on that flight he met a United State Army soldier named Kane Bernas. So what did Wilson do? He upgraded Kane Bernas’ seat to first class.

Now, would I like to see other members of society get treated with such reverence and respect? Like teachers, or neonatal intensive care nurses? Yes, I would. Soldiers aren’t the only people who make selfless sacrifices for the greater good.

But soldiers are great. And this was still one hell of a classy move by DangeRuss Wilson.

I guess from now on I will not be rooting quite as hard for the Seahawks to lose.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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