This Bradley-Jimenez Golf Fight Is a Worthy Pacquiao-Mayweather Undercard (Video)

golf fight

This video clip has it all: Sassy caddies, a grown man with a ponytail, and, not least of all, a golf fight. Granted, this fight from the World Golf Championship Match Play tournament didn’t come to the violent climax we all hoped for, but I think the presence of a glorious ponytail almost makes up for that.

The three parties involved were Miguel Angel Jimenez, Keegan Bradley. and Bradley’s caddy Steve Hale. (Caddies don’t get their name in bold, in case you were wondering about the formatting.)

Here’s the confrontation:

Apparently, Jimenez wasn’t happy with Bradley’s spot when he hit onto the cart path. Hale spoke up in Bradley’s defense, and Jimenez lashed out at Hale.

They all came together and apologized shortly thereafter, because this is golf, after all, so no harm, no foul. Still, we’ve got prizefighting on the brain today, so a thrown punch wouldn’t have been entirely unwelcome.

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