Gronk and Brady are at the Derby, Welker Sits This One Out (Pic)

Gronk and Brady

After a very eventful Kentucky Derby last year, with Tom Brady looking dapper while Wes Welker milled about high on molly, Gronk and Brady both made an appearance this year. I mean, who needs club drugs when you have Gronk? Gronk’s pretty much his own, legal club drug. We can call it YoSoyFiesta. It makes you sweat and dance just as hard as E does.

Tom Brady was once again looking dapper as all hell, while Gronk looks like someone shoved him inside a couch from the set of Mad Men. Some other Patriots were there, too, but this is really just about Gronk and Brady. But mostly Gronk’s suit.

Needless to say, it was good people watchin’.

Here’s the pic. Shield your eyes.

Yeah, Tom Brady is wearing an ascot. We don’t get to criticize men who have regular sex with Giselle, so if anyone needs us, we’ll be at the ascot store.

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