Mike Tyson Elbows Agressive Selfie-Taker During Weigh-In (Video)

Mike Tyson

Don’t piss off Mike Tyson.

That’s not meant to be funny, or even advice. It’s just common sense. He’s an erratic fighting machine with a tattoo on his face. You can look at him, maybe smile at him, but that’s it.

During the Pacquiao-Mayweather weigh-in, this one overbearing fan didn’t get the memo when he draped himself on the former heavyweight champ for a surprise selfie. That pissed off Mike Tyson, as it would most any human being with a sense of personal space. After the intrusive fan didn’t get the hint when Tyson tried to shrug him off, Iron Mike tossed an elbow his way. That ended things pretty quickly. The fan should count his lucky stars he walked away with his teeth after such a jerk move.

Here’s the video:

Kinda hope that would escalate. I know a fight between the two would be close, which is why┬áI’d pick Tyson in the first. The early first. While the bell is still ringing, actually.

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