AT&T Park Rocked Out with Metallica Day on Saturday (Video)

Metallica Day

We’ve seen Metallica make a few appearances at AT&T Park in the recent past, most notably to take batting practice, but now it looks like Metallica Day might be an annual thing. What is Metallica Day, exactly?

Good question. On Saturday, the San Francisco Giants wore black jerseys (Ok, kinda metal, I guess), and Metallica did the National Anthem, which was far cooler than the ad promoting the black jerseys. But don’t take our word for it. We’ve got both right here for you to compare.

First, the goofy promo:

Hmm. That was weird. And not very metal at all. The acting looks worthy of a car dealership commercial.

But then we’ve got the National Anthem, which did, in fact, rock:

Let’s see if they can top this by adding some badass metal vocals to their rendition next year. We’ll see soon enough…

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