Dodgers Fan Catches Home Run Ball WHILE FILMING IT (Video)

Dodgers Fan First Person Home Run

I don’t know where this ranks in the pantheon of amazing home run ball catches. But if Steve Bartman is on one end, then this guy is at the other.

I don’t think we know yet who this blue-gloved gentleman is. I mean, we know his name is Bobby Crosby, but he’s certainly some sort of superhero, right? I do know with luck like this, he should probably leave LA and take the four-hour drive to Vegas. I mean, this Dodgers fan is just filming the action, when a home run ball from Aaron Hill comes his way.

Here’s the clip from the Dodgers Fan:

And here’s the shot, complete with Vin Scully play-by-play. Awesome.

Totally badass, especially considering this is what he intended to do the whole time. Sometimes life just works out for people.

Hat Tip – [Nick Pants]

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