Shirtless Guy Who Got Stuck Hanging Upside Down from a Seattle Basketball Hoop Probably Has Issues (Video)

crazy shirtless guy seattle basketball hoop

Police and firefighters in Seattle got a pretty interesting call on Friday evening. A shirtless guy somehow got himself stuck hanging upside down from a basketball hoop in a public park, and he needed to be rescued.

But wait, it gets better. He wasn’t some chill shirtless guy hanging upside down from a basketball hoop who was like, “oh, hey guys, what’s up?” when the cops got there. He was a very agitated shirtless guy who was thrashing around like a bluefin tuna caught in a fishing net.

And he was wielding a hammer.

Obviously, this guy has some problems. Maybe it’s drugs. Maybe it’s mental health. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. But whatever the case, while I don’t like to joke about serious things like addiction and mental illness, I’d also be lying if I didn’t admit the whole situation was pretty damn amusing.

Take a look:

Later, after they finally got the guy down, the Seattle Police Department issued what might just be the coolest cop tweet of all time:

Come on, Adam Silver, give back this city’s NBA team already.

Hat Tip – [KTLA CBS Seattle]

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