Clippers Coach Doc Rivers Taunts Rockets Fans with a Little Good-Natured Trash Talk During Game 1 (Video)

doc rivers taunts rockets fans game 1 western conference semifinals

When you sit courtside at an NBA game, you get a totally different experience than the fans sitting up in the rafters. Sure, you paid about 300% more for your seats than the folks up high. But did they get chirped by the opposing team’s coach? Because on Monday night, during Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Rockets and Clippers in Houston, that’s exactly the experience fans sitting in the first few rows at the Toyota Center got.

As the Clippers were steamrolling the home team in the second half—despite the absence of point guard Chris Paul—their coach turned to the fans sitting in the first few rows and asked them why they weren’t making any noise.

Watch as Doc Rivers taunts Rockets fans with a big ole smile on his face:

Obviously, Rivers’ chirping was good-natured. And as you can see, a couple of the fans thought it was pretty funny.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Rivers has interacted with fans. A few months back, after the Clippers suffered an embarrassing loss to the Cavs in Cleveland, Rivers personally apologized to a young Clippers fan he spotted sitting in the front row. Because he’s classy like that.

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