Watch Floyd Mayweather Sr. Eat It on the Dance Floor (Video)

Floyd Mayweather Sr. Fall on Dance Floor

We didn’t get as much Floyd Mayweather Sr. for last weekend’s fight as I would have liked. At least, I thought so at the time.

Now we’re getting some footage of him that’s almost making up for it. At a pre-fight dance party (that’s a thing?) Floyd Mayweather Sr. was cutting a rug to something fierce when he took a tumble backwards. It didn’t look great, but the resilient guy popped right back up, with the only damage being a slightly bruised ego.

The song the 62 year-old was dancing to? Well, that would be James Brown’s “Sex Machine,” of course. We wouldn’t accept anything less.

Here’s the clip from TMZ:

Looked like a fun party. Even that spill couldn’t stop Floyd Sr. from getting back out on that stage and dancing. Those people at the Fiesta Rancho Casino didn’t even know what hit ’em.

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