Manny Pacquiao Could Face Perjury Charges for Undisclosed Injury

Manny Pacquiao could face perjury charge for shoulder injury

Are you one of the many who paid record-setting prices to watch the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight on Saturday?  Do you feel cheated by the lackluster display from the two fighters?  Wish there was a way you could get some sort of redemption? The Nevada Athletic Commission and the federal law could have you covered, somewhat.

While there’s likely nothing you can do about your lost bets and ticket/pay-per-view fees, and there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping Floyd Mayweather from cashing in on his portion of the fight’s $300-million purse, his opponent, Manny Pacquiao, could face perjury charges after failing to disclose his shoulder injury on a pre-fight medical questionnaire.

On the questionnaire, which was signed by Pacquiao and his longtime advisor Mike Koncz the day before the fight, the box for “No” is checked beside a question asking, “Have you had any injury to your shoulders, elbows, or hands that needed evaluation or examination?”  At the bottom of the questionnaire, it states that all information must be correct and true, “under penalty of perjury.”

That’s bad news for Manny, who complained about a shoulder injury he’d been dealing with leading up to the fight during his post-fight interview and press conference.  It has since been revealed that Pacquiao had a torn rotator cuff, and he is now set to undergo surgery that could keep him out of the ring for up to a year.  But his lies on the questionnaire could sideline him for even longer than his shoulder injury, as an individual convicted of perjury under federal law can face up to five years in prison.

Nevada State Athletic Commission chairman Francisco Aguilar seems to be taking the issue seriously, saying “It’s something we’re looking at, and an issue we’ll be discussing with the Attorney General.”

Here’s a look at Pacquiao’s pre-fight medical questionnaire:

Pacquiao pre-fight medical questionnaire

This could get interesting fast. Stay tuned.

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