Michael Jordan Breaks Up Fight Outside MGM After Mayweather-Pacquiao (Video)

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Those who felt they didn’t get their money’s worth from the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight on Saturday were almost treated to some real action outside the MGM Grand afterwards, as an alleged gang member and one of Michael Jordan‘s bodyguards nearly came to blows.

Luckily, MJ was there to break things up and restore the peace.  Here’s how YouTuber delfunkboy described the scene:

We thought it was powerful how Michael Jordan quelled a situation that was going to get out of hand real fast if he had not stepped in. Michael Jordan was actually protecting his bodyguard after the bodyguard pushed that black guy for no reason. The black guy that the bodyguard push was a major player and Michael Jordan knew that. Out of respect for MJ the black guy let it go. That goes to show Michael Jordan’s power and influence off the court. FYI, it wasn’t us asking for a picture with MJ and I’m with you on that one, he sounded like a buster.

Michael Jordan has always been regarded as one of the best trash-talkers in sports history. Is it possible he trash-talked these two out of an impromptu parking lot boxing match?

You can check out the video up top.

Hat Tip – [Complex]

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