Sam Zayn Unleashes Incredible Springboard Tornado DDT on John Cena (Video)

Sam Zayn

It’s an age old argument if wrestling is actually a “sport.” Sure, they’re incredibly athletic, but can it be a sport if the outcome is already decided?

Let’s stay away from that semantic argument and get back to the “athletic” part. Sam Zayn was going up against John Cena for the United States Championship during last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw when he dropped this move on the opponent and the crowd. And making it that much more impressive were the┬árumors that he may have actually dislocated his shoulder prior to the match, and played through it.

If that’s the case, it makes this move all the more impressive:

He dives through the turnbuckles and takes out Cena. Then, Sam Zayn writhes around on the ground. This is done so often for dramatic effect during wrestling matches that it’s not really indicative of anything, but word is that Zayn is getting an MRI on his shoulder today after last night’s bout.

Either way, that’s a really impressive move. I’d still be tangled up in the ropes 10 hours later.

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