Streaker at Diving Tourney Chased by Guards into the Pool (Video)


Here’s a new one. A streaker at the Diving World Series in London did his thing, then, after being pursued by the security guards, found refuge in the pool. Awesome.

Now, it warrants mentioning that this “streaker” wasn’t totally naked, and he seemed to be wearing the same thing that every diver was wearing. But it was still pretty awesome, if only because his way into the pool was via the 10M board. That’s scary even when you’re not being chased by cops.

Here’s the video. Note the booing from the crowd because they don’t have an awesome sense of humor like we do:

Man, I give that form a 9.5. But I’m also a Russian judge who’s being bribed by the mob, so don’t mind me.

Was anyone else surprised that the security guard caught up with him? I don’t know much about the security requirements of British diving events, but I wouldn’t exactly expect Seal Team 6 candidates to be working the event. However, this guy does a decent job. Not perfect, because the streaker got away, but decent.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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