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Will Ferrell Dusted Off His Harry Caray for David Letterman (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Harry Caray

As David Letterman completes the last lap of his late night career, we have seen a few celebrities swing by. Most have a history with David, but a few are just big names in general that can always spice up a show. The latter was the case last night as Will Ferrell swung by in character as Harry Caray.

Of course, if Will Ferrell showed up at your doorstep as the former Cubs announcer, you’d probably lock the door and turn off the lights. But for the sake of our entertainment, this was pretty good.

Here’s the clip:

The way Ferrell introduces himself is awesome, rambling offscreen about Andre Dawson and Cubs of that era.

Actually, the whole thing is pretty much gold, so set aside a couple minutes and watch it.