Betting Site Handicaps Girlfriend Prospects for Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

We’re pretty close to entering that stretch of summer where we follow football training and almost anything else we can get our hands on. Sensing that desperation, sports betting site Paddy Power has taken to listing the odds for Tiger Woods‘ next girlfriend following hisĀ break-up with Lindsey Vonn.

They’re pretty stupid, but, then again, you’d have to be pretty stupid to bet some of your money on such a thing, so it’s appropriate.

Does anyone like Jenna Jameson at 20-1? How does his ex-wife feel being listed at 7-1? Pamela Anderson? PAMELA ANDERSON?


No bets are being taken on him getting back together with Lindsey Vonn, it would seem. Oh well. That’s probably the safest bet, which is why it doesn’t appear here. Instead, the frontrunner is a Pussycat Doll. Remember them?

I wish there was a way to bet the field on this, or just an entire group of people like, “An Outback Steakhouse hostess,” or “some uptight event planner.” But there’s not, so you have to imagine Tiger Woods and Lindsay Lohan having Ambien sex just to evaluate these handicaps.

As I said before, gross. Maybe we can bet on how many women he sleeps with BEFORE he announces his next girlfriend. Someone should be able to verify that.




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