Here’s a Chill Floyd Mayweather Analyzing His Performance Against Manny Pacquiao (Video)

floyd mayweather analyzing performance

Most of the time, if you ask Floyd Mayweather for his opinion of himself, you’ll get almost nothing but bravado.

However, this week the folks over at published a video on YouTube of Floyd Mayweather analyzing his performance against Manny Pacquiao. And it gives us a rare look at a low-key Mayweather dispassionately talking about his latest fight.

That’s not to say Mayweather isn’t complimentary to himself. He says he “got the job done,” calls himself a “calculated fighter,” talks about how his strategy evolved over time because he’s so wise, and of course questioned the media’s treatment of his latest victory. (Which, in fairness, probably has something to do with the fact that many people think Floyd Mayweather is a despicable human being.) But he did it all so calmly, and without waving a stack of cash around…though yeah, he did bring up how much he got paid for the fight totally out of the blue.

Take a look:

Personally, my favorite part is when Floyd reiterates that he didn’t actually read the negative stories written about him, but just heard about them. Kinda played right into hands the hands of the “Floyd Mayweather can’t read” crowd with that one, don’t you think?

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