Is This The Worst Tom Brady Tattoo Possible? Yes. Yes It Is. (Pics)

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 8.34.41 AM
Don’t bet on sports. Just to be safe, I’ll throw that piece of advice out there to start. Then I’ll follow up with, “If you MUST bet on sports, don’t bet anything you can’t afford to lose.” Like $50K or a bunch of your dignity.

One unlucky gambler lost a fair amount, if not all of the latter when he bet against the Patriots this year. Of course, the Pats won, so he was on the hook for this masterpiece:

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 8.34.41 AM

But wait. There’s more!

It appears he and his buddy do this tattoo wager every year, and this isn’t the first year, this gentleman, known to BroBible as only Phil, has lost and had to pay the piper.

Yup. That’s a deflated football Tom Brady is lounging on in lingerie. Thanks for asking. I’m comfortable declaring this tattoo, acquired as the result of a bad bet, the worst Tom Brady tattoo in the history of mankind.

He also got these beauties:

bet-4 brony bet-2

That’s TWO Patrick Swayze-themed tattoos. The centaur top is his character from the iconic SNL Chippendales skit, and the bottom one is from Ghost.

Overall, A++. I just hope he’s married so he doesn’t have to keep explaining these to women who see him naked. Or, judging by that bottom pic, possibly men.

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