A-Rod Home Run 661 Moves Yankees Slugger Past Willie Mays Into 4th on All-Time Home Run List…Technically (Videos)

a-rod home run 661

Last night in the Bronx, a crowd of 39,816 Yankees fans witnessed A-Rod home run 661, which put the formerly embattled slugger past the great Willie Mays into 4th place on the list of all-time home run leaders.

The only men standing in front of Rodriguez now are Babe Ruth (714), Hank Aaron (755), and Barry Bonds (762). Getting to 763 will be difficult for A-Rod, given the facts that he’ll be 40 in July and MLB won’t let him take steroids any more. But it’s not impossible. And at the very least he’ll probably get past Ruth into third place.

As for No. 661, it was a massive shot to left-center field that came against Orioles starter Chris Tillman in the bottom of the third with two outs. Take a look:

A-Rod certainly made that look easy. But even more amazing than his home run was the way he handled his two on-field interviews right after the game.

The first was with MLB’s Tom Verducci, who tactfully asked some hard questions about the fact that the Yankees basically don’t want to recognize A-Rod’s achievement:

The second was with the YES Network’s Meredith Marakovits:

A-Rod missed all of 2014 while serving his year-long suspension for using (and lying extensively about) steroids. It’s obvious now that he used his time off extremely well. Not only is he healthy and productive so far in 2015, with a slash line of .245/.351/.532 and a projected home run total of 39. It seems A-Rod has also been coached extensively on how NOT to be a total douchebag, because both post-game interviews were damned impressive.

Unfortunately, none of that will change the fact that he cheated throughout his career to get where he is today. And that’s a shame. Like Barry Bonds and unlike hacks like Sammy Sosa, A-Rod really didn’t need to take steroids to go down as one of the top 10 guys ever to play the game. It was all just greed and vanity.

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